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  • Unique Web Design
  • Co-ordinated Social Media Support
  • High Quality Design
  • Design to suit all budgets
  • Strong online Branding that is Consistent, Original and Visible

Website Branding

We use the powerful and professional WordPress platform to help you create the connection with fans, clients and agents. Vocal Media has been designing WordPress sites since 2010 and have a track record of getting great ranking for their sites.

We can help you create an easy to use unique website that you can update from your mobile phone!

Just like we all do on Facebook and twitter, you can post your latest blog, update or latest news right from your mobile. Vocal Media can even programme the website to update your social networking pages automatically,when you have posted your latest update.

At Vocal Media, we want to create partnerships with our clients, so that is why we do not charge an up front fee. We work on an hourly basis to keep the costs down and spread them over a period of time, making it much more cost effective.

A connected approach to promotion

Whilst building a website is an important part of the branding process, it needs to be done alongside the other forms of promotion. That is why Vocal Media helps clients create a plan that matches their budget. Often Vocal Media clients have had a go at building their own website or online store though template website builders like Wix or Vistaprint. They have found these to have limitations and take a lot of time and maintenance. Vocal Media  helps with design, build and maintenance of a uniquely branded online presence. Not only your website but your social media pages and email newsletters.

Designed with impact

Vocal Media’s Simon Duffill has over 10 years experience with Adobe Photoshop. This mean Vocal Media can create unique design features for your brand. Including designing Logo’s, Fonts and much more. This is a great starting point for your brands launch. The first impression you give, is often the most important. You want to show the world your talent…make sure your first impression shows your professionalism in the best light.