Promotion of Talent – helping artists, creatives and entertainers

Hello, I am Simon from Vocal Media. I have worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years both as in artist and a coach. Over that time I have learned to use all forms of media promotion for myself and a small number of other creatives. I have watched the internet become an increasingly important tool for artists and entertainers.


Help you with your promotion

What is unique about Vocal Media is that we help artists, creatives and entertainers promote themselves. We are aimed at clients who do not have a large budget and are sometimes want to do some of the work themselves.

We can do everything from building, promoting and maintaining a website for you, helping co-ordinate your online presence.

Most people are happy to use their mobile phones to update a Facebook status or send an email. What we do is act as a support network to help you promote your talent by creating the framework for you to build upon.

Time to perform

These days it is easy to create a quick website or Youtube video. Even recording showreels and promotional demos can be done on a moderately decent laptop! The biggest problem is time! Do you want to spend hours optimising your images, editing your video or learning how to SEO a website? Most artists want to get on with doing their job rather than spend all their time doing everything else.

What we do:

  • Create professional sounding demos, show reels and audio using top quality equipment.
  • Create professional looking unique websites, specially tailored to your needs
  • Help create professional looking YouTube videos for release on Vevo, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo.
  • Coach you though audition pieces and speeches
  • Promote your website and social media presence and help you understand SEO, so you can do it yourself!

The idea behind Vocal Media is to take care of the parts of promotion most artists, creatives and entertainers would rather not do, at a price they can afford