I’m a bit excited about this new website!

happy in the studio

Well they always say, ‘you leave your own stuff till last’, but this time I have made myself…create this website to ‘sell my wares’. You could say this has been many years in the making. I first thought of the idea of putting everything I do into one space many years ago, but never quite got round to finishing it. There was always a gig, someone else’s site, rehearsal, recording or going out mountain biking that got in the way.

Avenue Q
As director, with the cast of Avenue Q

Connie Fisher
with the ‘tall’ Connie Fisher
The reason, I think it has all come together this time, is because I now realise I have the right motivation. Or mission, if you will. That is, to help the many talented people I see out there, get recognised!

So often, the reason talent goes unnoticed, is because people don’t have the time, energy or expertise to do the things they need to do to promote themselves. They rely on others…maybe agents, talent shows, open mic nights, craft fairs and numerous other outlets. I want to create partnerships with creative people to help them build their personal brand and have control over the management of it.

I shall be adding extra pages for Production and Products later on but for now…I hope you see something you like.

I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people over the years, not least, singing with my buddies on the fab journey that has been The Swinging Rascals! (click here to see more about the Rascals). I have coached people all over the UK, the US and in Europe both Singers and speakers. Have worked with some talented Songwriters in some amazing studios. All of these wonderful experiences have brought me to this point.

I am based in the lovely village of Uphill, Weston-super-Mare which has been home to me and my family since 2003. This area seems to be a magnet for creative talent and I am looking forward to helping that talent get recognised beyond our West Country town.

I hope you like the new site and if I can help in any way let me know. I don’t charge a fortune..promise

with the Bleadon Belles
with the Bleadon Belles