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Its been a creative two weeks since I got back from Florida. I have launched the new website..taken on new clients, collaborated with Singers, artists and Musicians.

One of the thing I enjoy the most is working with young talented people and helping them enhance their skills.

I was invited by New Generation Music to deliver two performance Masterclasses. I always enjoy these but sometimes there are people who you work with who have to deal with other issues before trying to make it in the challenging world of a performer.

This was not the case on this visit. New Generation Music or NGM has some of the best facilities for nurturing young talent in the South West.

Their iNGM programme seeks put talented interns into ‘real life’ working professional music projects.

They have set high standards and this showed at the Masterclasses. These guys seemed to want to soak in every bit of information and techniques that they could get.

It was a joy to work with such invested performers.

I always enjoy my experience at NGM but they have found a great formula for bringing budding artists into the industry.

Click the link below to seen their fantastic facilities

NGM Video

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