Create a great sung performance in an hour!!!

How singer can really connect with your audience.

This is a tool I have been using for some time. You can really tell the difference between someone who has learned the words and the music…and someone who becomes the song. This process helps you really get inside the song during the learning process. I have worked with it now for over 15 years and it really works

Click the link below to download the PDF

The Seven Key Stages to Learning new songs

Here are a couple of links of great performances of Musical Theatre artists who you really believe are singing about themselves. They are live too, so no big production to hide behind.

Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez sing the number “First Impressions” from the new Broadway musical from 2013 about a blind date.

Here’s Natalie Weiss from 2008 performing Quiet with composer Jonathan Reid Gealt at the piano.

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