Collaboration…if you want to be a record maker..yeh!

Many artists and creatives work alone trying to build there profile or trying to reach a much wider audience. 

Many I speak to aren’t big enough or don’t have the funds to employ a company to do it for them. They want to do some of the work but they would like someone to help. 

Some have had a go at building their own Website or Facebook page and have had some success. Time, however, doesn’t allow them to do as much as they would like. 

Recently I have met successful artists who are great at what they do but in order to take their career to the next level they need a my bespoke set up.

Often an artist wants to be hands-on with their branding and online marketing. They want someone to work with them to create a framework that allows them to be creative without having to spend time learning the ins and outs of website building, security and google analytics. 

As a creative, I understand this need and as with many areas of creativity. Collaboration is the key. 

Successful artists and creators know the importance of collaboration. Working with other talented people can only lead to a development of skills and a wider range of ideas.

We collaborate with artists, helping them build their profile as a collaborator, rather than a contractor. Leaving  them to communicate with fans, clients and customers directly whilst looking after all the ‘back office’ stuff to allow them to do that. 

Whether it be coaching, online marketing, recording or Youtube. We collaborate with clients to fill in the gaps they either don’t have time for or frankly aren’t interested in.

To get the best out of a recording you collaborate with a great producer. To build a business you collaborate with experts in your field. To be the best vocalist you collaborate with a great coach. To market your personal brand collaborate with someone who knows the industry and how to create the content. 

Then you become a record maker, in every sense of the phrase.

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