Beautiful responsive website with online booking

I am delighted to have been working with Nikki and Jason Mulvey on their new responsive website. I have been helping them promote their Dog Friendly Holiday Accommodation.

Brechfa Forest Barns responsive website

Key Features on the site

Nikki had several key requests she wanted to achieve:

  • Intergrated online booking system
  • Linked with her Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Be visually attractive

Working closely with the client

We worked closely together from the outset, Nikki had some great images. The old site had some good copy but was no longer fit for purpose.

For a fraction of the cost that a conventional web company would charge, we were able to launch the site. It was taking bookings within the first few hours.

Nikki is a great social marketeer and we were able to leverage that popularity by intergrating her Instagram and Facebook accounts into the site.

We worked together to use Pinterest’s capabilities with creating subject related boards and implimenting them across the site.

Bay Tree Barn
As with all Vocal Media collaborations, we continue to work together to tweek the site to look exactly how the Mulveys want it.

Having just fitted Brand new kitchens in both of the barns..I know there will be new images to deal with.