Vocal Studio

microphone-and-studio-backgroundVocal Studio in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset.

Vocal Studio brings top-class audio together with on-hand vocal coaching with over 20 years experience.

  • Lay down vocals on your latest tune.
  • Narrate your next podcast.
  • Add a voice-over to your multimedia production.

At the Vocal Media Vocal Studio you can do it all. The unique combination of high-performance hardware and experienced vocal coach and engineer makes it possible. Simply book a low-cost session at the Vocal Studio and we can tailor the experience to your needs.

Record professional-sounding vocals and more

vocal recording studioVocal Media Studio is designed around the voice. Specially chosen hardware from Apple, Universal Audio, AKG, Roland, Shure and Neumann, together with the latest Apple, Universal Audio and Waves software create the perfect environment for showcasing your vocal talents.

We match the sessions to your needs and budget.

What we offer at the vocal studio

  • Single vocal over backing track
  • Multiple vocal over backing track
  • Single vocal with session musician (Pianist or Guitarist)
  • Single vocal with multiple session musicians
  • Multiple vocal with session musicians
  • Podcast speech recording
  • Multimedia speech recording

We can also arrange Band recordings at our associate studios. We have great connections with seasoned sound engineers and producers for the more ambitious.