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Vocal Coaching Weston super Mare by Simon Duffill. A post graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and has been vocal coaching in the UK and Europe and the US since for over 20 years. He has coached singers and speakers at the highest level since that time. Simon is also a professional singer who has performed all over the UK, in Europe and the US. Trained in Estill Technique as well as a specialist in performance anxiety and confidence.

Contact Vocal Media to:

  • Prepare for auditions
  • improve your range
  • Learn or improve Vocal Technique
  • Help with vocal health issuesv
  • Speech and presentation skills
  • improve performance confidence
  • communication skill training
  • Group or individual sessions.

Simon can help you gain a better understanding of your voice.

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A consultation for Vocal Coaching Weston super Mare lasts 45 mins.


Simon builds of the three pillars of great vocal performance.

  • Advanced vocal technique

  • Directed preparation

  • Focused Performance Psychology.

The Consultation Session (The first step to better vocals)

The vocal coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the client. All new clients attend a consultation session, during this session clients outline their needs, and an assessment and feedback process takes place.

By the end of the session Simon helps you have a clear understanding of what is going on currently and strategies to improve and build on the skills you have already acquired.

An action plan is then agreed going forward. Why not fill in the contact form on this page and book a consultation session or click here to email

Thinking of recording a demo?

Vocal Coaching Demo

If you are thinking of taking advantage of our demo recording facilities (demo page link), it is a good idea to have a vocal coaching session on the songs you are recording in order to get the best out of the Demo session. Think of it as a coached rehearsal.

You will prepare for the recording session by breaking the song down to ensure you get the best out of the vocal sound, text and emotion. This speeds up the recording session and is a great idea if you are thinking of trying to record more than one song.

Preparing for an Audition?

Vocal Coaching Auditions

Whether you are auditioning for a local theatre club, open mic night, drama school, music college, a West End Show, X-Factor or The Voice… a coaching session will help you prepare in the best way possible.

It is a good idea to start your preparation as soon as you can. If you have an audition coming up, why not email Simon, to get some free advice on when and how to start your preparation, song choices etc. or fill in the contact form on the right.

Got an issue with your voice?

Vocal issues can be frustrating and worrying. Often they can be remedied by correcting technique or undoing bad habits. Vocal problems are often psychological as well as physiological. By working with all areas of vocal performance we can often correct the issue in just a few sessions.

Are you giving a speech or making a presentation?

Simon has trained thousands of clients from all over the world in presentation and communication skills. In that time he has helped people improve their impact, help build confidence and increase their ability to convey their message.

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